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Knee / elbow pads recommendation?

Son's 661 set have expired beyond their useful life and Santa has been asked to provide replacements. What's a good option at the moment?
2015 Canyon Nerve AL 6.0 (son #1's)
2011 Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc (son #4s)
2013 Decathlon Triban 3 (red) (mine)
2019 Hoy Bonaly 26" Disc (son #2s)
2018 Voodoo Bizango (mine)
2018 Voodoo Maji (wife's)


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,417
    What duty are you looking for?
    Protection from impact at speed with pointy rocks, from gravel rash and brambles, or something in between?

    Do you want ones that you can strap on, or ones you don't mind having to remove your footwear to slide on your knee guards.

    Are you looking for just knee and elbow, or knee&shin and elbow&forearm, or a mix?

    I can't recommend anything to you for two reasons:
    1) I don't know what you are looking for.
    2) The ones I have used for a long time now are not made anymore, so I have zero current knowledge of what's out there.
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