Removing decals from Enve wheels - how convoluted is it?

Afternoon all,

I was fortunate enough to land a barely used 2nd hand pair of Enve 6.7's earlier this year, and they are destined for my Foil.

The current wheels on it are Mavic Cosmic Exalith wheels, and I removed the stock black or grey decals, and replaced with fluro yellow decals sourced from inkmyride.

I was all prepped for a difficult experience, getting glue off for hours, but it was ridiculously easy, a bit of heat from a hair dryer, and there was no residue left visibly.
I went over it with a cloth and some nail varnish remover to be absolutely sure, and then took ages applying the new decals, as was scared to get them wonky, but it all went fine, and they are still secure.

These wheels are migrating to my TT build, with an EZ Disc fill in thing on the rear, but as the Enve wheels also have black decals, I have just placed an order for a set of decals from the same supplier.
He seemed to think the Enve decals might be a different kettle of fish to remove, and I'm desperate not to trash an expensive (to me) set of wheels, so just wondered if anyone had any experience of removing the decals.

I have also acquired a heat gun should that make a difference, but again desperately do not want to damage the rims.


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