N+1 Time. Don't know what to get.

See I've got quite a nice PlanetX / 105 / Fulcrum Racing 3 that I bought for my last big birthday 10 years ago. 8kg or so, I've done lots of miles on it.

So if I got myself something a bit more blingy - current thinking along the lines of a Ridley Noah - I'm not sure it would do anything much for my cycling.

(here) £900 for frame & forks

Gravel bike? Meh, I've got a decent hardtail. Tourer. Not so much.

Budget of £1000 for a frame and I'll build it from there.


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    What's the question?

    Do you want a new bike or not?

    It seems you've discounted everything.
  • Yeah, fair.

    Is it worth throwing £900 on a nice frame what else could I get for that sort of cash?
  • Wait six months for all the cv-19 nonsense to blow over and there will be a glut S/H bikes depressing the market.
  • Prices are all over the place.

    Average bikes cost a fortune, expensive bikes seem cheap and second hand prices are also up and down.

    Today on second hand markets I saw:

    Oltre XR2 with ultegra Di2 for 2k

    S-works sl5 frameset for 900. (cosmetic damage on top tube).

    Personally I'd go used and get something awesome.

    New bikes are a major false economy (especially if you look after them as badly as I do ;))
  • Hmmm......

    I'm after an N+1 presently too.

    It needs to be the best fun on 2 wheels imaginable.

    Luckily, my budget is slightly higher.

    Hopefully this will do the job, without resorting to ride like a knobber!

  • Ah I thought this was some sort of cargo bike recommendation. Either way, meh.
  • N-1 is the new N+1
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    That S3 at Wheelbase that they are essentially giving away for pennies.

    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.
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    Alternative, R&A cycles have loads of top end frames on massive discount and are very good to deal with.
    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.
  • In March I bought myself a Dolan DR1, 11sp Di2 Ultegra, red and battleship grey. A beauty...! Rides lovely and just 'does'....