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X Fusion Hilo Strate Dropper issues


I have an X Fusion Hilo strate dropper with internally routed cable that is dropping slightly on it's own. Does anyone have any experience of what the problem could be? I believe the air pressure can be topped up but not entirely sure where on the post you can do this.

Any advice appreciated


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    I'm not familiar with that model, but I have had that problem on several droppers. So far it has been a terminal fault. The symptoms are that the saddle is lower by maybe 5-6mm when you first notice it. It causes no problems when riding, and the dropper works just fine. But slowly, the amount increases until you can no longer live with it.
    Each time this has been a warranty claim for me and resolved without a problem.

    Bit as I said, I am unfamiliar with the X-Fusion dropper. They may be different and someone that has experienced this will know better. I hope they do. :)
  • That's pretty much what is happening, it seems to be only about 2-3 cm's but enough to be noticable. It's on a second hand bike so might need servicing although I'm tempted to buy a new brand X dropper and swap them over
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
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    There is a valve inside the dropper. It should be pumped up to about 30psi.
    Have a read through THIS THREAD for info. Post #36 gives a very brief description of what to do.
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  • I think I've fixed it. It looks like the hinge where the cable attaches was stuck meaning it was pressing against the release button. Cleaned it up and it appears to be working OK now. Bit of play in it though and sound like there's a bit of grit in it when it drops. Will use it for the winter and then maybe replace it next year
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