Chrome or steel Bearings

Changing my bearings on my Quattro's, noticed you can get chrome steel or stainless steel Bearings, Both come with double seals.
Any great difference apart from the price
From Kinetic bike bearings


  • Stainless steel is the wrong material for bearings. A good grease wont let the bearing rust thats the first thing. Second stainless gauls and pit more easily than chrome steel.

    Fulcrum bearings in quatros are rubbish. Spend some money on skf or better still ntn. FAG/INA are pretty good too as are many other top tier bearings.

    However i do suspect even top tier bearings don't always improve bearing life too much in these wheels. Stainless bearings definitely won't. What more important is the size of the bearing relative to the size of the bore in the hub, how round that bore is and tolerances of the bearing parts itself. These are all things you can't know.

    If you want to give your wheels the best bearing life then get ntn 6903 bearing with red seals. A bkt stiffer in your hand but nowt gets past these seals.
  • david37
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    Wot clinic said. Buy good bearings, theyre expensive but they still wont last forever. OR buy cheap bearings and replace more regularly.

    Sealed bearings are a consumable item.