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Ridley fast noah

Looking for a 1-4 year old black Ridley Noah fast with a big rear 11-32 cassette and wheels. Going to do a few of the Vuelta mountain stages in 2021 so need it for climbing and pref carbon wheels . Been looking for ages, so if anyone knows or has one and wanting to sell, I’m yer man.


  • Have you spoken to 2pedalz?

    They always pop up on FB ads selling ex team bikes. I guess the UK importer?
  • elbowlohelbowloh Posts: 7,078
    Can you not change the cassette yourself if you can find one with a different one?
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  • russ_cruss_c Posts: 17
    I’m a bit cack -handed with stuff like that. Would you in your opinions buy a Ridley 2018 model With dura ace or a pinarello dogma 2012 with Ultegra triple chain set/
  • These seem like strange questions with sudden change of tack.

    I thought you were fixed on having a Ridley Noah with carbon wheels to ride the Pyrenees?

    Now it turns out you can't change a cassette - are you sure you are competent to ride carbon wheels in the high mountains (I ask as many riders who are new to high mountains seem to destroy them).

    Where did you find a 2012 Pinarello with a triple chainset?

    Personally I'd take the Pinarello as I just really like the look of them but change out the chainset as a triple is unnecessary for me.

    Dura ace vs ultegra - assuming they are the same series they work identically except for the weight. Otherwise I'd take Di2 of available.
  • russ_cruss_c Posts: 17
    Not sure where you’re going with your derogatory dialogue. I have in the years gone by raced mainly in North Yorkshire and with carbon wheels. Often tubs too but I can’t be assed with those now. Unfortunately I have not been blessed with a mechanical mind to fit cassettes. Brakes/punctures and chain replacements are my limits.
  • Fair enough.

    Just wanted to make sure. Sorry for getting the wrong end of the stick.

    Changing a cassette is easier than changing a tyre or chain!

    I'd go Pinarello as I just really like the look of them (F8 and F10). But I'd change out the triple. Very random it has one - what year ultegra? 10 speed?
  • russ_cruss_c Posts: 17
    2012 pinarello - 10 speed it’s a 60.1 model - a guy on marketplace selling . He’s been on a few cols in France with it but had a heartache a few months ago whilst back home.
  • I'd pass on it.

    Ridley Noah sounds fun.

    Check out 2pedalz
  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 2,207
    Our local bike shop had this advertised recently:

    "Ex demo Ridley Noah Fast Di2 56cm. Rim brake version of Ridley's fastest road weapon. Some small marks on it, but otherwise immaculate. In the shop now. Remember to drop us a line first if you want to have a 👀 £3799. RRP £6k+ "

    Very very nice looking bike. Can't afford it myself though. Damn it!
  • russ_cruss_c Posts: 17
    Where about is this shop photonics?
  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 2,207
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