Giant TCR Advanced XL - Max saddle height


I'm looking at buying a Giant TCR Advanced 2020 online. I'm pretty tall (1m92), and my seat-Bottom Bracket on my current bike (old Peugeot) is 89cm. I can't find anywhere what the maximum seat-height on the XL frame, or what the seat post length is. If anyone owns a similar frame in XL, could you indicate what is the max Seat-BB length?

Thanks in advance


  • dj58
    dj58 Posts: 2,221
    Seat tube is 550mm on the 2020 XL frame and the variant seatpost comes in two lengths IIRC 350mm and 400mm. Would have thought it will be 400mm on the XL.
    That gives 950mm, take off the min. insertion dimension of say 50mm gives you 900mm. Add the saddle stack height, your pedal/shoe type will also affect your saddle height. Ask the retailer to measure it for you with the seatpost set at the min. insertion point.