His Dark Materials

So, we decided to give this a go last Sunday... I was expecting something engaging at the very least... Jesus that was bad... what a pile of shxte...
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  • Pross
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    I couldn't get into it either, gave up after a couple of episodes and used to read while the wife and daughter watched it.
  • seanoconn
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    Yep, gave up with the kids after the first episode. Poor.
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  • DeVlaeminck
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    Not seen the TV series but I read the first book to my daughter when she was younger and and wasn't really taken with it - didn't complete the trilogy - and the film of one of the books is a shocker. The books have done well though so must appeal to some.
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  • ddraver
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    The "audio book" of it's quite good tho

    I say audiobook because it's done as a play really...
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  • TheBigBean
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    I thought the book was good, very good in fact.