Another freehub thread....sorry

Hi All,

Apologies for starting another freehub related thread but I couldn't find anything that suited my current situation.

So I have a relatively new (3 months) Canyon Endurace CF SL Disc 8.0. Due to winter and lockdown I recently bought a Tacx direct drive turbo trainer. So I have been using it on the road and on the trainer. When the wheel is on ,the chain goes slack and the derailleur pulls forward when back pedaling, also when out on the road the chain slack when not pedaling at all. Wasn't an issue pre turbo trainer. Also there is no issue with back pedaling on the turbo.

So after some research I decided that it is likely the freehub. Took the wheel off and checked how the cassette was turning and it was stiff. Despite it being relatively new and not being ridden much in bad weather I decided based on what I'd found to take the freehub off and clean it in case the springs were sticking. There was a good bit of fresh grease on the hub likely from the manufacturer so decided to clean that off completely. Cassette back on and it was spinning backwards as freely as the turbo.

Put the wheel back on the bike, tighten it up and again slack chain while back pedaling. Thought the quick release might be too tight (even though it's the same as it was before the issue). So started to loosen it and test. So I can resolve the issue by having the quick release quite loose which means there is a little wobble in the wheel which is obviously dangerous so won't be riding it like that.

So before I give up and bring it to a shop, has anyone got any suggestions that I might try?


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    yes, check you haven't bent the mech or hanger you will need a tool. check the derailleur moves freely and there isnt any friction.

  • Late to the thread here but my view is that the QR shouldn't be capable of restricting or compressing the freehub at all, if the freehub/cassette and end caps are all installed ok. I would recommend removing and reinstalling the freehub, paying particular attention to the smaller hub parts esp washers