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Best way to use Apple Watch 3, Strava + Navigation

hey folks,

I have a gear question. I have the following gear:

- Apple Watch 3
- iPhone 12 Pro

I've recently discovered the explore routes feature on the Strava iPhone app and I love how it just creates a route from your home and off you go.

Now, using that, it's Strava on the phone that records the route. But I would also like to record the heart rate etc from the watch.

Is there any way to use Strava on the phone for navigation / GPS and get the health data from the watch at the same time without double counting the calories etc?




  • edited December 2021
    I love how the Apple Watch tracks my heart rate whenever I exercise and keeps me healthy. I usually exercise on the Peloton at home, and connecting the Apple Watch to the Peloton bike is also very simple. I used the Apple Gym Kit to keep a close eye on my workouts. Apple Watch connects to the exercise machine via Gymkit, which means we will see the exercise device to connect when we open the workout app.
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