First Carbon road bike - Need quick tip re frame - Have all the parts

Hello everyone,
So after 12 years on Hybrid bike, finally I have the privilege to ride a road bike.

My client has been very kind and has given me his bike. Picture attached.

I'm 6'3 92kg and evidently the 56cm frame is way too small for me.

I'm in search of a fast stiff aero frame up to £2k or part exchange my 56cm Trek Emonda frame.

My questions are:

1) How can I check if the breaks would fit the new frame? I've seen some frames with 2 holes for the break. My Trek bike has 1 hole and the new felt frame also has 1 hole. Is that all that matters?

2) Do I have to check anything on the frame since I have Sram electric shifter on my Trek?

3) I find the frame as relatively great price. Can anyone suggest what year frame it might be? Seller not responding.

4) Is there anything else I need to check before buying the frame?

Thank you all for helping me get on road. Really appreciate it

Here is the link for new felt frame:


  • I wouldn't touch any frame that has breaks in it. Will cost far too much to repair. Get an undamaged frame from elsewhere.
    Frank Yates
  • kaveh
    kaveh Posts: 10
    Sorry for my bad English. By holes I meant fixing points. Some breaks have 2 fixing points and some only 1.

    The frame is brand new.

    Felt AR has good reviews and I don't think it's a bad investment for for only £1345

  • dj58
    dj58 Posts: 2,221
    When you refer to the frame having one or two holes, you mean mounting points, for conventional rim brake calipers, single fixing point on the fork and seat stay bridge, as opposed to direct mount rim caliper brakes, with two fixing points. So yes if you want to use the brake calipers on the Trek, the Felt needs to have the same configuration mounting points.
  • paulbnix
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    Have you cycled on a road bike yet?
    If not I would suggest at least trying one or two in a lbs to a least get an idea of which size suits you - mind you with the current shortages it may be difficult to find shops with bikes.