Wheel dilemma - Campy Eurus spoke count

Managed to bag some Campy Eurus wheels in the sale for £450. Im 100kg and while the wheels are ok up to 120kg. They have a low spoke count of 16f 21r. They look the part and having had factory wheels before with no issues I am not very concerned about durability though the spoke count is low compared to other factory wheels ive had before. Do you guys think they will be ok? I can still return them if I am quick.


  • Depends how much you ride... put it this way:
    if you were 60 kg, they might last 30,000 miles
    If you were 80 kg, they might last 20,000 miles
    If you are 100 kg, they might last 10,000 miles

    These figures are purely indicative and don't mean anything, but they give you a clue that the issue is not sudden wheel failure, but rather shortened mileage as a function of increasing weight of the rider. Power output matters too.
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    I weigh a bit more than you and managed many thousands of miles on Zondas which have the same spoke pattern but with thinner spokes (I think). Camapgnolo make great wheels and you'll be fine with the Eurus, despite the mega g3 lacing. If you're unlucky and they go out of true (unlikely) make sure you take them to a Campagnolo accredited mechanic/shop or a wheelbuilder who knows what he's doing as it's easy to make them a whole lot worse if they haven't worked on this type of wheel before.