Bike parts/donation


I am clearing out all the bike stuff i no longer need.
I am wondering if there is a place i can donate these too?
They are road bike parts (stems, cranks, wheels rims, rollers, etc..) it is not a lot but I don't want to throw these out and it will take too long to sell.
Also i am not sure a charity shop is the right place.
I am based in London.


  • redvision
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    Do a search for community repair and recycling organisations/ projects. There are loads about which recycle old bikes. I'm sure they would welcome your donation.
  • Can you not just bunch them up, take a photo and post the photo in the classifieds asking for offers? There might be stuff people are happy to pay for... then you can donate the money if you wish... I don't think charity shops are interested in rims and stems
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