help pick new bike

i am buy my 13 year old son his first mountain bike and was wondering what people think of the carrera Titan full suspension ? It is the lowest price in that range of bikes, but i wanted to know if it was a good choice or should i spend more on another ?


  • steve_sordy
    steve_sordy Posts: 2,441
    I have been buying bikes for my grandson since he was two years old. I have never bought him a full suspension bike, even now he is 13 years old. He is a very good biker, with lots of skills and he does not crave a full suss. For the same money, you can buy a much better and lighter hardtail. I'm convinced that your son will be better served with a hardtail than a full suss for the money listed on the website (£600). The gears will shift better, the brakes will be better, everything will be better because you don't have to pay for the rear suspension or the more complicated frame and the bearings at the pivot points (easier to clean too).

    The problem is finding a hardtail! The Covid-19 situation has cleared the bike shops of bikes. Even used bikes became rarer than they used to be. But the wet and cold weather is coming and many bikes bought this year are coming on to the market for much less than they were new. However, stocks of new 2021 bikes should be arriving soon.

    Others on here should be able to point you at great value hardtails for the money. If you know what you are looking for, a bit of extra money spent on a bike is seldom wasted. But you will be OK at £600.