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Freehub body upgrade question

mnuharlandmnuharland Posts: 1
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Hey folks,

Looking to upgrade my 2016 Specialized Hardrock (specs here) from the stock components. They're starting to show their age, and with the LBS having limited hours/availability due to COVID, I've been getting into tinkering with my bike at home.

I've got a good idea of my riding preferences, so am looking to do the following:

1) convert from 3x to 1x crankset

2) replace Suntour fork shocks with rigid carbon fork

3) would love to upgrade from 7-speed cassette to 10-speed cassette to have more gear range

Now the first two I'm set on, and have the parts and everything. My question is with the rear wheel hub:

Current hub body is 30mm, and from my understanding I need at least 35mm for 8/9/10 speed cassettes. Rear fork dropout spacing is 135mm, so I should be good for clearance there.

Can I replace my 7-speed freehub body with an 8/9/10-speed Freehub body? I've seen very little info on this, and mentions of having to re-dish the wheel. Is this accurate?

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