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£2k new full sus Mtb HELP ME !

Ok so thank you for your help on this - I’m moving from a hardtail (spec rockhopper 29er) which I’ve mainly used for local trails over the years. However I’ve now moved to South Wales UK and wanted to get properly into some trail riding down here with full suspension -

Money - 2K on our company bike scheme (already asked and can’t go beyond that regardless of the changes to the scheme)

Type - probably trail focussed rather than enduro - I will be pedalling up as often as the descents ...

Options looked at so far - 2021 Vitus escarpe , 2021 Trek fuel Ex 5 , the Nukeproof Mega 275 (on offer at chain reactions atm) and the alloy base YT Jeffsy .... there are loads of stock probs with these bikes but yeah all look decent . The Escarpe interests me having the carbon frame (mostly) but any advice and insight really appreciated!

thanks guys


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
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    The Mega looks like a good deal but SRAM SX is very basic and the bike is more Enduro orientated with 170/165mm travel.

    The Fuel EX5 has a good drivechain but is let down by a budget fork and brakes.

    The Jeffsy has a very good forks but again equipped with SRAM SX, that puts me off.

    So that leaves the Vitus Escarpe CR. This would be my choice from your list. Deore is a solid groupset, decent forks, good tyres, modern geo, boost hubs and a threaded bb.

    Also have a look at the Vitus Mythique. It's better equipped than the Escarpe CR and cheaper. This would leave you a bit of money to play with to add shoes and/or clothing to your bike scheme allowance.

    I can't see a weight for the Mythique but the Escarpe is quoted a 15+kg so no weight benefit for carbon by the look of it.
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    All good value for money choices and a good shortlist.👍

    For me SX drivetrains aren't good enough for those bikes in this price range.

    Trek out for reasons above also because of Press Fit BB and integrated headsets, not a fan.

    YT out because it's an online only brand and can have issues/difficulty for warranty claims.

    +1 for the Vitus Escarpe, the Marz. Z2 forks get great reviews, as mentioned Deore is a good drivetrain and although not top of the range Shimano brakes a four pot caliper on the front is a nice touch.👌
  • arc7arc7 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info guys - it’s been a few years since I’ve been in the market for a mtb so hearing about the group sets etc is really useful - I will check out the mythique and keep an eye on the stock for the Escarpe CR too - thanks ... must say roll on the days where we can check bikes out in person without rona ...
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  • arc7arc7 Posts: 3
    Any thoughts on the new 2021 Boardman MTR 9.0 ?
  • Personally, if my budget was 2k and I definitely was only considering FS then this would be the option I would probably go for:

    I know its from GO OUTDOORS but if you have a store near you I would definitely go and check it out as it really is a great bike for money. They also do a bike called the Sentry for 2k which is good value for what it is but that is more an Enduro bike.

    From the bikes you list then the Mega looks like a good deal for sub 2k, however, the SX groupset is junk and will need to be upgraded at some point pretty soon (in my experience anyway). You are probably aware as well but the Mega is a bike built for some pretty full on riding so that is worth bearing in mind too. It might be overkill for what you say your riding will be.

    I know you said no to an online only brand but keep your eye on the Canyon Spectral 5.0 over BF. Its £2300 I think but if it drops it would be a good bike for your uses.

    It might also be worth waiting until the BF deals are over just in case Chainreaction cycles do something insane and drop the price on the NP Reactor like they have on the mega. It is unlikely though (its £2700 now) but you never know what could happen on BF or cyber Monday.

  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
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    arc7 said:

    Any thoughts on the new 2021 Boardman MTR 9.0 ?

    From an objective point of view the Boardman spec list is up there with the rest and would say the SLX groupset, 4 pot brakes, 203/180mm rotors, Pike forks, etc gives a great all round package for a £2000 budget.

    Availability if not in stock now could be in stock the soonest being a Halfords brand but no way to know for sure.

    I don't usually go for Halfords bike brands for the same reason I don't like skin sidewall tyres, just personal preference but reckon they have uped their game with the Boardman to compete well with the other bikes you're considering.

    So many decent bikes in the £2000 price range with good spec so a look at some real life, honest, user reviews on the bikes ride quality and performance for the ones you like most could help decide a clear winner?

  • arc7 said:

    Any thoughts on the new 2021 Boardman MTR 9.0 ?

    I've got one bought it when they first came out. My first full sus so nothing to compare too.

    I've been using it most weekends at the local trail center and it does everything I need and feels well put together, there is a lifetime grantee on the frame which you will not get on the triple b (I know my lad has got one and it's just a year on the frame).

    The specs are good, converted to tubeless no issues and rides great.

    People will always look down their nose at a bike from Halfords but I don't care got a great spec bike at a good price. Most bikes are made in the same Taiwanese factories and are made to the same high standards.

    I don't think you will regret it if you bought one.
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