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New disc brake bike too wide for turbo

i have a cheap, no frills, wheel-on Decathalon turbo which works fine for the small amount i use it for when i cant get to the gym or weather is poor.

I have recently bought a trek emonda with disc brakes as an upgrade to my previous rim brake bike, With the thru axle convertor i cant get the clamp to close as the rear of the bike is too wide to close it fully on its widest setting.

has anyone else found that wheel-on turbos arent wide enough for a disc brake bike?


  • Yes. I have the same problem. I use a Tacx trainer. I had to play around with different through axles to get one to fit. Managed it eventually, but it takes a bit of research, and cash, to get a solution.

    I don't know what your clamps are like so cannot be more specific. You will probably have to ditch the mfg recommended axle.
    Frank Yates
  • zest28zest28 Posts: 403
    With the Wahoo Kickr there are no issues with disc brake bikes.
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