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Newbie help - should I buy a hybrid?

I currently own a Giant boulder which I purchased back in 2007. In all honesty it hasn’t been looked after too well as was stored in a damp shed, but if I spent a bit on some maintenance it would be fine probably. However I’m considering a new bike as have moved to a new location and am wondering if anyone could help inform me what kind of difference I’d expect to see. Some may say stick to what you’ve got while others say I wouldn’t regret the extra money because of x. I’ve moved right near a coastal path which is flat and a mix of gravel and tarmac and would be doing rides of a few miles every couple of days. Hybrid bikes seem to tick the boxes (‘gravel’ bikes seem not as common in the U.K.) and I have a budget of around £500. Would that amount buy me a lot extra compared to what I have with my current bike or should I just spend a bit perhaps on new tyres (current ones are the full fat and deep tread mtb tyres) and even maybe some new components.

Many thanks


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    Your bike is perfectly good for what you want to do with it. Just make sure that the brakes work and that the chain, shifters and mech work OK. If you are unsure what to do, get it serviced at a bike shop.

    To start with, don't spend money on the tyres, just pump them up hard (to the max written on the tyre carcass).
  • My Buddy was in a similar position, he decided to buy a new hybrid, been flawless for the last two years and still going strong.

    It's worth considering or at least give you an idea of what you could get for £250.
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