Kuota Kryon advice

Hi, anybody got any experience of the Kuota Kryon? Am looking at one with Ultegra and Jetfli SL wheels. Struggling to find a review after 2015.
Am after a semi aero road bike that can also climb and love a bargain (don't we all). The price I can buy for is £2350. Lovely looking bike and decent spec for the price but no idea if it's any good.
Any advice very welcome.


  • I've no knowledge of that particular frame. But, you do know that Kuota are now no longer in the UK market, don't you. There was a big sell off by the importer last week of his remaining frames.
    The bikes are generally very good, if a little heavy; I have a Kobalt for my winter bike and I like it a lot.
    There "may" be problems if you are trying to get some warranty issues sorted, but if the price is right then you may have found a bargain.
    Frank Yates