Kuota Kryon

Hi, anybody got any experience of the Kuota Kryon? Am looking at one with Ultegra and Jetfli SL wheels. Struggling to find a review after 2015.
Am after a semi aero road bike and love a bargain (don't we all). The price I can buy for is £2350. Lovely looking bike and decent spec for the price but no idea if it's any good.
Any advice very welcome.


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    They are sold as a frameset that you then pick which groupset you want on it. The frame is £1300 and something and a complete build is £1800 and something. Look at Northern Ride in Malton North Yorkshire, they got the details on their website.
  • Thanks. Do you have any experience of the bike?
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    I’ve seen one in the shop, does that count. >:)
  • I have had 3 kuotas - they are fantastic looking bikes. However I wont be buying another.
    The last kuota I brought cost me £3.5k - unfortunately it developed an issue with the BB working lose. After an abortive repair at the shop - I got in touch with Kuota UK HQ - This was a truly dreadful experience - I have never been spoken to as a customer like the head guy there did - not just cycling but by by any supplier, including home broadbrand, mobile phone contracts etc - in one conversation which was getting heated I was told

    "Youre an idiot - Ive got your bike and you're money"

    On a bike costing £3.5k - which the BB worked lose 3 times in 6 months - I had no option but to self fund a repair by an LBS - in which he used bonding agents to glue the BB in place. Its mostly ok now - it still creaks if it gets wet - and I have have to really tighten the through axles or else they work lose. My own theory is the frame is way out of alignment.

    If you decide to go ahead - I would be pretty sure about your relationship with the LBS you are buying from. If you end up having to deal with DHW agencies - well good luck.

    A few months back - I did hear on another forum - that kuota were soon to cease production - I haven't heard anything more - I have however noticed discounts on kuota bikes - which is quite unusual.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • Thanks for the info oldspoke
  • Kuota are no more.

    The guy mentioned above will be the importer. I know him slightly. Nothing in his behaviour surprises me. Getting any sort of warranty from him is a nightmare - on a good day.

    I suspect I know Oldspoke under a different name elsewhere. We have had long conversations about his treatment.

    However, as mentioned, Kuota are no more. At least not in UK. And reportedly not anywhere else.

    Above mentioned importer has been selling off his remaining stock at massive discounts. As the ad says "When they are gone, they are gone". After that he will be dealing with Moda frames.

    I have a Kuota bike. My winter bike. I like it. Generally speaking they have a reputation for being decent bikes although some feel they are a touch on the heavy side.

    Would I buy one now knowing what I do? It really depends who I bought it off. From a LBS that I had an excellent relationship with, then maybe. From the importer as part of his sale then probably not. If there was a decent price saving then it may well be worth a punt.

    But....my Kuota is a Kobalt. I'm trying to source a spare mech hanger - just in case. Rarer than hen's teeth. Nobody carries stock or can fabricate one. As it stands at present if I snap my hanger then it's new bike time.

    Caveat Emptor.
    Frank Yates