new wheels ?

I have a felt nine 5 2014 29er and i want to get some new wheels, i have £500 saved but i would like to get some wheels with tubeless rims so i wont have to use any tape. can anyone recommend any that will fit my bike.


  • I would be looking at something DT Swiss or at least DT Swiss Hubs, what kind of riding are you doing.
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  • I can highly recommend a Hope Fortus wheelset, they seem to have all axle standards available, except they would need rim tape fitting to run tubless. The tubeless tape and valve kits are supplied with each wheel.

    Got mine here, best price I found online:-

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    There is nothing wrong with using tape to make the rims ready for tubeless tyres. I have had both and I can tell you that I could not tell the difference. Whenever I buy a new bike, the first thing I do is to convert to tubeless. I have learned that even brand new bikes often have faulty rim tape, so I now remove the brand new rim tape (untested) and apply my own. Over time this has saved me lots of grief.

    I use Gorilla tape, first advised by my LBS. It is very cheap and comes in a variety of colours. I like the satin finish black with the woven appearance, simply because when it's on it looks like carbon fibre! :) Yes, I know nobody will ever see it, but I know it's there!

    I always apply two stripes of tape, overlapping at the valve hole to get extra thickness there. Pierce through from the outside and then press something smooth and tapered into the hole to smooth out the edges of the tape. Then fit the valve.

    I must inform you that some people don't like Gorilla tape because they find that when they remove it, it leaves a sticky residue. I have found that Iso-propyl alcohol (brake cleaner) shifts it dead easy. I have never had to remove Gorilla tape from my rims, but I do use the tape for other stuff and had occasion to clean up after removal.