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Bottom bracket help - BB86

Hi guys, my cross bike has bb86 and it's got an Easton crank with a 30mm spindle. Currently it's running an Easton branded BB that needs replacing. Any reason why I couldn't replace it with these Rotor versions which are over half the price of the Easton version? Superficially the only difference I can see is they don't include the plastic sleeve, which i'm not so sure does anything.


  • joe_totale-2joe_totale-2 Posts: 1,333
    It should be fine.

    According to a sweary, sexist expert on bearings, 30mm spindles in a BB86 bottom bracket is a bad idea due to the thin bearings used. However, as the alternative of a new crankset would cost an arm and a leg, these Rotor bearings should be fine.
  • Speaking from experience, I wouldn't recommend those Rotor bearings. I bought some to try and fit a Quarq power meter (30mm spindle) into a BB86 frame and they started to creak after 1-2 rides. Sweary and sexist he might be but he speaks sense when it comes to bearings and bottom bracket standards. If I was you, I'd bite the bullet on the Easton BB because chances are you'll be buying another new BB in quick succession if you go with the Rotor option.
  • Thanks both, very helpful.
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