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New Disc Rotor

I need to buy new rotors for a new set of wheels - the hub will be of the 6 bolt type. I'm new to disc brakes and currently have a Ultegra 8020 set up. I'm assuming I can buy any 160mm rotor and that there is standardisation between different hubs/rotor manufacturers. I am very surprised at the huge difference in prices of rotors, on the net they seem to be from as low as £4 to £70. I appreciate you get what you pay for but as a newbie this range does not help - even half way @£30 might be more expensive than what need. What is a reasonable price for 200 mile a week Hampshire road rider - any help appreciated.


  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
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    From MTB rotor point of view I've used cheap Clarks ones at around £7 and mostly now buy £15-£20 rotors, basically the same except the price rises for bigger diameter sizes.

    Two types of mounting sytems, centre lock or 6 bolt so any 6 bolt rotor is standard and will fit 6 bolt hubs.

    Another difference is cheap Shimano rotors are only compatible with resin pads and price rises a little for heat treated tougher rotors that are suitable for sintered (metal) pads.

    Higher up the price bracket is the Icetech range which are an aluminium sandwiched between steel construction. Expensive and possibly 'gimmicky' for all but serious long, downhill, heavy braking and still only work as stated in conjunction with Icetech ceramic piston calipers and finned pads.

    For most riders I know whether Road or MTB, me included, Icetech rotors are pretty much useless, overpriced and 'overkill' IMO.
  • Thank you very much - that just about wraps it up for me :)
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
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