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What front light?

For road rides through the winter, unlit country lanes mixed with suburban streets.

Is there anything better than Exposure Strada Mk10? When I say better I mean longer burn times, higher output, lower weight?

Or is the strada overkill?


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,733
    This would be ideal TBH. You could run it comfortably on half power and get 5 hrs or so run time quite easily. Top quality lights. If you wanted to save money Moon xpower or niterider lumina lights.
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  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    I recently bought a Strada Mk10 for the same types of roads you mention and it is excellent. I don't think you'll get anything with better burn times unless you get something with an external battery pack.
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  • spatt77spatt77 Posts: 324
    not much will beat that, but you can pick up a Cateye volt 1300 for £71 which is great value!
  • I use a Lezyne Micro Drive 600XL. Never had any issues with it, I regularly ride through the dark in winter on the kinds of roads you mentioned. Burn time on the brightest setting is not huge, probably 60-90mins but you don't really need that setting as it is very bright and the likelihood you would be riding during the pitch black on unlit roads for hours is probably slim.
  • Ravemen PR1200 - mine is still going strong after three winters and it's about to head into its fourth. Plenty of 'beaming' reviews online and rightly so.
  • PMarkPMark Posts: 159
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    I just got the Halfords Advanced 1600, it is £50 but I managed to find a new one for £35 on eBay. I have it mounted under my bike computer (GoPro mount), plus it doubles as a USB battery which will be great for all day rides in the summer. It does 2 hours on max and I find it fine for cycling along unlit canals.

    Although I would personally only spend £100 or more on a light if it has an external battery otherwise you could end up with a paper weight if it stops charging (like what happened to me).
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 20,050
    I’ve not needed proper lights for a good few years now but after buying some of those Chinese moonshine T7 jobbies I found torchy who makes premium batteries with lights, tiny little lights that pump out and batteries that really last, however that’s been a good few years so I think most brand manufacturers have caught up, rules is buy the best battery you can as the lights electronics are all cheap
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  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 2,219
    I have a Niterider Lumina 1100 which gives out very good light, however it has started to not last as long and needs more frequent charging after two years of use. I also have a Moon Vortex, the wife has a Moon Meteor Storm twin lens jobby. Both are very very good and give out a lot of light. With Moon lights you can also replace the internal battery once it goes south.
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