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New forks for Specialised Carbon Stumpjumper 2008

leewdmn-BbJpBJBleewdmn-BbJpBJB Posts: 2
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UPDATED: Having just re-read this it sounds like the forks didn;t work after the Tuneup but that's not the case. I sent my forks to TF tuned last week after buying this bike off eBay because after the first session the forks seem to have given up. TF tuned have said they are unrepairable. I welcome recommendations for what to replace with? I have Hope hubs on the wheel set, quick release and straight. Any help/tips welcomed.


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    Something's not right there.

    If TF Tuned worked on the fork and sent it back to you without comment, then the fork will be 100% in working order. However, they will not have set up the fork for you, it will be as they finished testing it. You will still need to set sag, rebound and compression damping etc.

    In what way has it given up? How does this manifest itself when riding?
  • Thanks for the reply Steve, sorry, i wasn't clear. I sent the forks to TF Tuned and they took a look at them yesterday (i sent them in because they stuck compressed down). The took them apart but there is terminal damage there and so unrepairable. I would therefore like to source some others and would like a recommendation for what to go for.
  • mully79mully79 Posts: 904
    So a quick google suggests the forks that came on that bike are a typical specialized special. 1 ⅛"-to-1 taper so you'll probably need an odd sized headset and a new stem.
    Needs more research before you throw good money after bad.
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    That's a 2009 bike and according to the Specialized bike archive has a standard 1 ⅛" headset.
    There are still some good forks around that you could fit but they are getting harder to find. SR Suntour Raidon, Manitou Circus or Rockshox Reba or Judy available new. However, you may be better off scouring the Bay of e or Pinkbike for a good second hand set of forks
    If your hubs are Pro2 Evo or Pro4 you can change the end caps so not limited to quick release.
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