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Shimano Sora replacement chainring

Hi, I need to replace my 52t chainring on my 8 speed triple chain set ( 52-42-30t). I have tried searching for this ring on its own but cannot find any Shimano brand online. I am unsure with generic brands as I am then unsure if I am buying a compatible chainring.
Should I be looking for a chain set and if so, what should I be looking for. I cannot find a replacement Shimano Sora 2300 chain set either. I would be very appreciative if someone could advise me. Thank you.


  • webboowebboo Posts: 4,313
    Have you tried googling Shimano sora 2300 chainset. If you do lots suggestions for a replacement appear.
  • mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,543
    Have you tried SJS Cycles - they do a great range of chainrings and can advise on cross compatible rings form similar groupsets.
  • Thanks but I have googled and tried SJS and I cannot find a 52t chainring or a Sora 2300 crankset
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,596
    Give spa cycles a try. You don't need to fit same brand parts, just find the right bcd and speed.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • ciarandonn would this be any good to you?

    I must admit I'm not sure myself about width/speed compatibility of chainrings and how they relate to the number of gears on a cassette, though as you go up in number of gears your chain gets narrower.
  • Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions.
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