Gravel bike on Elite Suito (or equivalent)

Please excuse anything below in advance that might seem like a stupid question.

I have a gravel bike that as the days get darker and wetter that I'd like to use on a turbo. The drive chain is a SRAM 1x with a 42 chainring and a 11-42 cassette. I have my eyes on an Elite Suito. I presume it's just a case of getting an equivalent cassette for the trainer ? I do spin out on the flat due to the gearing but presumably the trainer will just increase the resistance where the workout requires it to force me to generate the watts required.


  • webboo
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    42 x 11 and spinning it out on the flat. Impressed.
  • dowtcha
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    Yes, when erg mode is on you can select any gear and the smart trainer will change the resistance automatically. So you can be in 42X16 doing 70 watts or 400 watts the trainer will change resistance. Don't know what software you are going using but if it's zwift 42x11 may be to low for racing depending on how strong you are but will be fine for workouts.
  • shewy
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    I got my 1x Sram on an Elite Direto 10-42 cassette on the trainer. Just match the cassette and you will be fine. BTW to spin out on top end you'll be pushing 1000w
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    The Suito comes with a cassette (11-28 I think), you don't need another one unless you really want that 42T cog.

    If you already have an 11T cog on your rear wheel there's no issue with the chain being too slack with included cassette. The smaller big cog doesn't matter because you can adjust the trainer resistance if needed, unless for some reason you want to be spinning out on the turbo.

    The Suito also includes some axle adapters if you don't have a standard QR axle, but check the adaptors match what you need. Adaptors are an extra for some turbos.
  • thistle_
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    Just another thought, the included cassette is an 11 speed so you would also need an 11 speed compatible chain for the included cassette.
    I think a cassette spacer is included with the trainer if you wanted to swap it for a 10 speed cassette.