Heat molding shoes - advice required

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I've got a pair of Lake shoes that are heat moldable and I'd like to have a go on one in particular as it is a bit tight (that foot is slightly bigger than the other). Does anyone have any experience and tips on this? The Lake video shows someone doing it with a shoe that needed reducing in size which looked fairly intuitive, but not sure how easy it will be the other way 'round...


  • whyamihere
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    I've done it on my Bonts, one was just slightly snug around my smallest toe. I heated it up and used the rounded end of a screwdriver handle to work it out slightly. You're not going to get much movement, but there was just about enough to make them comfortable for me.
  • sungod
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    depends on the specific model of shoe and where the extra room is needed

    sometimes the front can be spread to increase width, but doing that can also reduce vertical clearance, doubt you can do much to increase length

    fwiw with my bont shoes i've found using a heatgun (set to c. 100c) works better than heating in the oven, just need heat a large enough area to allow a smooth transition
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