Specialized Sirrus VS. Whyte Hybrid Bike

Long time reader of these forums, thought it time to ask for help myself.

I have always commuted on an old decathlon hardtail but now I want to use CTW scheme and get a 1x drivetrain hybrid that I can use on canal towpaths and gravel trails. I had a FS Boardman until recently (sold as wasn't using it) and would buy a Boardman hybrid but my work scheme does not include Halfords. 1x Drive train as rarely changed the front mech so this and hydraulic brakes is all I want.

I see many like the Whyte brand (new to me) so if you had the choice which would you choose and why?

Specialized Sirrus X3.0 (£750) or Whyte Shoreditch (£700) (Not sure about colour)
or Whyte Portobello (£800) - looks great on 650 tyres.




PS. Whyte Victoria looks good but I am 6ft 3" tall so compact won't suit my height I think. Seeing a bike in person in hard these days with display stock sold.

Thanks very much for reply.


  • Thanks. Just saw the Sirrus X2.0. Nice looking but step down in quality parts. No X3.0 or Whyte's in shops to look at.