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Hello good people!
I am relatively new to the mountain biking scene. I live in Nairobi, Kenya and I’m looking to get back on a bike (other than a motorised one!) for fitness and fun as I’m not much of a runner!
I’ve been away from the scene long enough to be pleasantly surprised to see that the 1x12 drivetrain is now the industry standard!
I used to ride a KTM hardtail 650b but now I want to go for a full Susser 29er. I don’t want to go crazy with spending right off the bat so I’ve narrowed down two bikes that are within my budget and available to me locally (new) and i’d appreciate some advise as to which one would be a better buy from you folks who know way more about this than I do.

One bike is a Giant Trance advanced Pro 3 2020 model. This Is a carbon chassis, has a Marzocchi Z2 bomber 130mm fork/Fox Float DPS rear shock, SRAM SX Eagle running gear, Shimano MT400 brakes, Maxxis Minion DHF tyres, dropper seat post.

The other is a Boardman 8.9 MTR 2021 model. This is an aluminium chassis, has a Rockshox gold 35 150mm fork/Rockshox deluxe select plus 140mm rear shock, SRAM NX Eagle running gear, SRAM Guide brakes, Maxxis minion DHF/DHR II tyres.

Both are 29ers.

The Boardman is obviously cheaper (By about £500 with exchange rate conversion etc), but it seems to be the better spec’d bike. There are plenty of reviews of the Giant online but I can’t seem to find even one on this particular Boardman except a write up about its specs - No real world user review. So if anyone here has any first hand knowledge on any of these two rides I’d be very much obliged.

Many thanks.


  • You probably cant find a real user review on the boardman as its a brand new model only just released 2021 models got released a month or so ago over here in the UK.

    Personally i dont like the look of the boardmans so would instantly go for the Giant.

    However you say that the boardman has a better spec but each has its own plus's and minus's.

    In my opinion the Giant has better specced suspension vs lower groupset and brakes and the boardman is lower specced suspension vs slightly better groupset.

    For me it would have to be the giant, i think it has the better frame, and better suspension which is a good start and the rest can be upgraded when things wear out.

    Are you able to take them out for a test ride at all? as that could be very beneficial as to which one you prefer.

    Also look at what type of riding you do, if its gnarlier terrain the boardman might suit as it has a little bit more travel to be able to cope.

    Dont think you'd go wrong with either purchase so whichever one you get enjoy it.
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    I believe that the Giant comes with a ten year frame warranty for the original owner. The last Giant I had did, but that was a while ago, so its worth checking.