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BSA bearings with square spindle

Greetings all!

I am embarking on my first bike build, a 853 Croix De Fer tourer. I'm going for a classic/muscle car look: candy red, with touches of gold and candy green. Each purchase is a fight between budget, practicality, and looks, and sadly I forgot the first two with these purchases.

I got a Velo Orange Cru Noir crankset, for reasons I imagine are obvious, and then, as all bearing videos I have watched on the topic deal only with external cup bearings and cranks with integrated spindles, I went ahead and got those bearings. Uh NOPE, turns out the crankset is only for an enclosed square taper bottom bracket. I could just buy a new bearing set, but I am already in love with how visible these gold cups are through the crankset spokes.

This is a very naïve and embarrassing error to make but here I am asking for help.

1. Can I buy a separate spindle that fits into BB and CS? If I can, are there drawbacks? I am, for example, concerned about my chainline, as the cups seem to push the crankset quite far out, can I remove a spacer on that side and buy a shorter spindle?

2. If I can't, and I have to buy a new bearing set, can anyone recommend an equally bling compromise?

3. Is there any other predictable mistake I am likely to be about to make that you can advise me on concerning brackets or bike builds in general?

Other details: 2x11 speed, English threaded 68mm bottom bracket. Thanks so much to anyone willing to help out.


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