Which emtb?

I have only been doing mtbing for 2 years and have a giant fathom 2 hardtail.
I am looking to buy a full suspension ebike next May/June when the cycle to work scheme is running again.
I am thinking about a focus jam2 6.9 or a kona remote 130 or 160.
I originally looked at a whyte. I forgot the model but was told to avoid by local bike shop.
I don't do any crazy downhill stuff, just regular trails woods etc.
I am happy to spend £5000-£5500.
Any advice/ recommendations would be great.


  • steve_sordy
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    There is a much better forum than this one where you will have scores of enthusiastic responses. Here it is: https://www.emtbforums.com/community/

    I have a Focus, so I am biased, but I test rode eight different eBikes before I chose it. That was before the lockdown and the biking world went crazy. You could actually find a bike to test and amazingly, there would be one available to buy and with a deal!

    I have a Focus Jam2 9,6 NINE 2019

    Translation: 150mm travel F&R, carbon frame, 29er. 378Whr battery in the frame and an optional 378Whr battery that slots onto the downtube. My bike is a size large, I have gone tubeless, but with heavier tyres, so the tyre weight is the same including sealant, but losing the tubes. The bike weighs 20.4kg. I can almost hear the analogue bikers among you recoiling with horror, but that is a very light weight for an emtb trail bike. They can easily weigh 4kg to 5kg more!

    I could ramble on for pages on how to select the bike, what motor and battery to consider or exclude and a whole lot more, but you should join the emtb forum. The main advice I would urge you to take for your first emtb is to buy from a local bike shop. Join the emtb forum to find out why. :)
  • Steve,
    Thanks a million for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it!
    I will join the forum and ask peoples advice. I am very new to this game, so a lot of terminoligy etc is strange to me