Bottle cage mounting for bike with seized bolts

I've had an old bottle cage snap on the downtube of my Specialized Tarmac, but the bottle cage bolts are rounded off and won't come out.

Does anyone have experience of mounting any of the universal adaptors for mounting a bottle cage on the downtube? If so, which ones are worth considering?


  • flasher
    flasher Posts: 1,734
    Drill the old bolts out, carefully!
  • i.bhamra
    i.bhamra Posts: 304
    Can you not drill the rounded off bolts out or use an "easy out" type extractor? Personally I think other solutions would just look and feel like too much of a bodge, saying that I have no experience of using them.
  • Carefully cut a slot in the head of the bolt (dremel or hacksaw) and use a screwdriver? Squirt of plus gas wouldn't be a bad idea, either.
  • Or a tight fitting screwdriver in the rounded hole.
  • edward.s
    edward.s Posts: 222
    Star drive forced into head if its a hex head. Mole grips on the head if its proud.

    If you do drill it out use a left-handed drill bit and go careful. Often the LH bits will catch and wind the screw out before they are drilled all the way.
  • Defblade
    Defblade Posts: 140
    You can also file a flat either side of the head to help extract with a small spanner, mole grips, pipe wrench, adjustable wrench, etc