Reach/stem length

I'm 5'9" on a medium Specialized camber which has 427mm reach.
It came with a 60mm stem and I shortened it to 45mm which has improved the steering and given me more confidence on descents BUT the cockpit feels cramped.
I probably should have got a large frame size but was going from a 26er to a 29er in 2015 so probably went conservative because it just seemed so big at the time compared to my old bike.
The handle bars are 750mm and I could go wider.
Until I get another bike in a couple of years perhaps does anyone have any recommendations to improve my bike fit?
Will a 50mm stem and wider bars work?
I know the whole reach thing is not something you can easily rectify...........


  • steve_sordy
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    Several small changes may in total make the difference.
    Can you push the saddle backwards on the rails a bit without affecting your pedalling position too much?
    I would try putting the 60mm stem back on and going for wider bars. The longer stem will give you more room and the wider bars should add to your steering control. Shorter stems are more about steering response.
    For new bars, you have all sorts of decisions to make about how much rise and how much sweep, so look on the 'net for guidance. But whichever bar you choose, go for an 800 that can be cut down. Most bars these days have cut lines printed on the bar ends.
    You are at 750mm now, and if you have changed sweep and or rise, then start there by moving the grips and levers inwards so that over the outer edge of the grips is 750mm. That should leave 25mm of bar sticking out each end. Go ride. Take some Allen keys with you and after a ride down your favourite test track, move everything outwards by 10mm to 770 and test again, and so forth. If your bar choice is very different to the old one, don't forget to try moving inwards! (I doubt it, but it may work).
    Once you think you are OK, leave it there for a while until you are CERTAIN. Only then cut down the bars. Be wary of narrow tree gaps for a while!
  • apc1
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    Thanks Steve
    Yes having read a bit more and stem lengths were designed to fit the geo of the bike. I might get away with a shorter stem if I was on a larger frame size but being at the top end of the size guide (height) for medium any reduction in stem length is always going to result in being cramped.
    60mm stem going back on this evening then will look for some bars