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Hi all, I'm looking at getting some lights for mountains biking now the nights are drawing in. I'm after a handlebar and helmet light that's rechargeable and for between £100-£150 for the both. Can anyone recommend a setup? I have had Chinese stuff in the past but it doesn't seem to last very long


  • PMarkPMark Posts: 159
    If you are going to spend that kind of money on lights, I would make sure you get some where the battery packs are easily removable. Had some £150 lights die in less than 2 years (wouldn't recharge anymore), because the battery was integrated, I had to bin them. Picked up some cheap Nestling Cree lights on Amazon and have been working well for a number of years.
  • CargobikeCargobike Posts: 748
    Not used them for MTBing but I use these on my extremely dark commute through the Derbyshire countryside, having taken recommendations from my MTB mates.

    Never run them yet as a combo, that'll happen when it's a proper wet ride, but the Lumenator handlebar lights give me every confidence every time.
  • As above have heard that MTB Batteries are decent especially for the money.

    I have a Moon ADJ 1300 which is brilliant, but i picked it up in a sale which made it a bit more cost effective, for the helmet i have an exposure joystick which i got second hand off ebay.
    Both lights are great.

    The other brand ive heard good things about are Magic shine, good prices and got some really good reviews a while back.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I've ended up buying one of those nestling cree lights for the bars and a Blackburn helmet light. Looking forward to trying them out
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