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Cycle clothes for regular men

I am having trouble getting cycle clothing that fit. I am 5feet 8inches. Tall , 40 inch chest. I am not built like your typical road cyclist.
Can anyone suggest a company that caters for us regular people.


  • shirley_bassoshirley_basso Posts: 3,212
    Fat lad at the back?

    Is 5ft 8 and 40in chest 'regular'?
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,191
    Funkier gear is good, if your not snobby decathlons btwin stuff is made for normal shaped people. Steer clear of cheap stuff like muddyfox. DHB, Endura, Altura is also good if you don't get the more fitted stuff.
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  • CargobikeCargobike Posts: 294
    Try being 6'5" and 17st with a 44in chest.

    Agree with oxoman Altura and Endura are very good for larger sizes imo. I've used them for years even when I was a real fat b'stard and always found something usable.
  • Thanks for your replies, I am certainly not fat lad at the back, I have some Endura but all the recent range is aimed at your Chris Froome types
  • shirley_bassoshirley_basso Posts: 3,212
    Sorry I didn't mean to offend. Fat lad at the back is a genuine brand.
  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 2,565
    The Gore C3 and C5 ranges are relatively wide fitting. Only the C7 is more pro style fit.
  • CargobikeCargobike Posts: 294

    Thanks for your replies, I am certainly not fat lad at the back, I have some Endura but all the recent range is aimed at your Chris Froome types

    I've only returned one item to Endura this year due to it not being anywhere near the stated size. I've always found that they have more generous cuts than anybody else.

    When choosing your clothing options are you opting for items that are specifically aimed at the racing whippet eg skinsuits as these will definitely fit smaller than their regular apparrel. Perhaps you need to seek out the options that are right for you.

    Showers Pass also do larger sizes, although they can be a tad expensive.

    BTW Fat Lad at the Back wasn't someones attempt at dark humour, it is a brand aimed at those of us who don't fit the cyclist norm.
  • paulboxpaulbox Posts: 1,187
    I’m surprised to hear the Altura recommendations, I’ve always found their stuff to be poor quality and a lot smaller than advertised.

    Endura I do agree with. But they make both race tight gear and more relaxed, make sure you’re ordering the correct range. Don’t forget that they do supply some top teams.

    I find Castelli jerseys to be fairly forgiving, again. Of the racey range, but they are pretty good.
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  • akhakh Posts: 148
    I'm 5' 7" and 38" chest, so not a lot different to you. Most of my kit is dhb but I've got a few Endura bits too. I've found both brands to be fine. I'm a medium in most of the dbh Aeron range but a small in their looser fitting stuff.

    What specific issue are you having? There is more to body shape than just height and chest. The problem I personally have is a lot of kit that fits around my large-ish thighs is too long in the leg. My medium dhb Aeron bib shorts are just barely acceptable length in the leg, but an inch or two shorter would be ideal.
  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 25,078
    DHB, the NON-aeron lines.
    To give you an idea

    DHB (non aeron) XS = Rapha M = Castelli L
  • slowmartslowmart Posts: 3,939
    @OP I'm around your size and there is plenty of choice out there. As already suggested, Endura/altura is good quality and reasonably priced and like most things you receive a decreasing return of benefits if you start buying at a higher price point.

    However a little luxury goes a long way and I've still got base layers 15 plus years old, ok there are a couple of holes but merino wool still keeps you warm when wet and isn't offensive to the nose. Jackets 10 years plus so if you're buying long term you might want to factor that in to your purchase.

    I mainly buy black, ignore fashion and i don't have time for what others think about my attire.

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