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Is my rear hub broken? (video)

Hey guys,

Was washing my bike and just doing abit of maintenance, spun the back wheel and is doesnt do many rotations before stopping where as i spin the front and it just keeps on going.

I checked if the brakes were on which they werent and then when i had the wheel out i span the spindle and the end was very lose (lose enough that i could undo it by hand) so i tightened it up and it still doesnt spin freely, theres no side to side motion either.

Here is a short video of it

The rear hub is a Formula CX-22 QR is that helps.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,448
    it's not spinning freely, it is spinning against the resistance of the freehub mechanism

    to assess whether the bearings are dragging you need either to remove the chain, or, remove the wheel and hold it by the end caps, then when you spin it the freehub will not be slowing it
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  • Defiantly some drag there, somewhere. The wheel needs to be removed from the frame to check further, with the little rock back at the end I’d suspect the wheel bearings but that’s just a guess. Remove and test/check – something will be getting hot
  • lesfirthlesfirth Posts: 1,136
    As above. Something not quite right there. If the wheel spins ok out of the frame check rear brake is not dragging.
  • brundonbianchibrundonbianchi Posts: 689
    edited October 2020
    Okay, that’s fairly standard fare. The calliper is mis aligned. Put the bike on the ground, release the axle / skewer, and centre the frame on the wheel. Repeat the spin in the stand thing. If it’s still rubbing, get the wheel out and push the pads back with a spreader / tyre lever, then put the wheel back in, release the calliper bolts on the frame, hold the brake on, and re tighten the bolts. If that doesn’t sort the problem, repeat the procedure, but this time put a thin piece of card, or an ‘official’ metal shim over the disc. Release the brake and remove the card / shim.
  • Just checked things over it turned out that i had tightend the end cap to the hub to tight so the hub would not spin freely, it had worked it self lose so over time. All seems good now although it still does sound a little grindy perhaps.

    Thank you all for your advice.
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