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China Carbon Seatpost Moment?

From China I purchased above pretty nice carbon seatpost for my "randonneur" (old MTB which I use for "bike packing"). A rather fancy sollution for my old randonneur ("toerfiets" as we call it in the Netherlands).

But since there is no manual I keep wondering what the best torque setting is for the two saddle bolts. Also I wonder if carbon paste or antiy seize is necessary for mounting the steel saddle bridge on the post? At the moment the saddle is sometimes making cracking sounds because obviously the saddle is moving. Maybe somebody can give some good advice for this typical Chinese seatpost?


  • Oops, I see I am in the wrong lane with my radonneur B) . But as this seatpost is actually a road/mtb seatpost, I think it's legit to leave the question in the road-general section.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,939 Lives Here
    A seat post is a seat post so it doesn't matter where you posted I guess. I don't tend to use torque settings on bicycle parts, I'd do it up to what feels right for the size. Hard to put in writing I know. If it creaks nip it up a tiny bit more.
    Regarding the saddle bridge I don't think paste is necessary, presumably it only touches the saddle rails and not the main part of the post.
  • mangliermanglier Posts: 1,174
    On my Canyon VCLS the seat tube bolts are set at the recommended 5nm and the saddle bolts at 9nm. Carbon paste only needed on the (Ti) seat tube
  • b.bodegravenb.bodegraven Posts: 15
    edited October 2020
    This seatpost is THE (most common) seatpost from China. Actually I expected lots of people to have experience with them here. I saw the canyon seatpost from Manglier, but it's different, as the Chinese one tensions the front bolt by tensioning the rear bolt. I am now using 6Nm, so maybe I should go up?

    For my racing bikes I use prescribed torque settings for the saddle side, but these seatposts are very different and not comparble with the Chinese one:
    1. Deda blackstick (one bolt/ carbon teeth adjustment system) = 17Nm (no mistake, otherwise the teeth wear out by galling).
    2. 3T ionic ltd (difflock system) = 4.8Nm for 7mm bridge, 4.0Nm for 10mm oval bridge (I do use a substraction factor for the anti seize).
  • Just to be certain.. For people dropping in half way the discussion; We're talking here about the saddle bridge side of the seatpost, NOT the frame clamp. :)
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