Cracked Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheel

Got back from a ride last week and noticed when cleaning a crack in the wheel (the wheel is cracked where the spoke screws into the rim), they are 3 years old so not under warranty anymore so have emailed Mavic and they want £130 + 20 postage to repair (could be more if crack worse than pic)

Is it worth it?


  • joe2019
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    I'd put £150 towards a new set. If you ride in a relatively hilly area, and ride regularly, you will likely have a fair amount of rim wear anyway.
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  • david37
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    wot ugo said
  • They won't repair the rim but just replace it. That sort of crack is pretty common with ksyrium rims especially when broken spokes have been replaced or excessive truing has been required and the spoke tension ramped up too high; the rim just cracks.

    If multiple spokes have seized (also very common) then there will be more cost for replacement spokes.

    Like Joe says - weigh up the rim wear and see if it's even worth replacing only one rim. Otherwise flog the other one and put towards a new set.