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Kickr Core erg mode noise

I’m new to cycling/indoor cycling. Set up New kickr Core on Friday. Used for a couple of 30 min tester rides all ok, mainly using wahoo fitness app on erg mode.
Yesterday I heard a humming noise coming from the fly wheel. Not heard previously. Could just hear it over the train noise. As I freewheeled to a stop, noise continued and then stopped about 4 seconds after flywheel stopped. Wondered if anyone else’s Kickr does the same as can’t find anything on net or YouTube. Sounds like electromagnetic brake hum. No noise when power not connected and cycled or when no watts applied to erg mode. Any assistance or advice welcome before I have to contact wahoo.


  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 9,033
    Sounds a bit odd, mine doesn't make any noise over the drivetrain really (coming up to 1 year old). I would contact Wahoo at least for some confirmation.
  • ibr17xviiibr17xvii Posts: 404
    Send over a short video to Wahoo on their support page.

    Their customer service is pretty spot on IME.
  • I will contact Wahoo. Thanks
    For your replies.
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