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Bike fitting confusion (road touring bike)

Hi guys,
I found myself very interested in getting a Ti frame from waltly oder XACD the recent days. Going into the final step I had myself measured and inserted all my data in some calculators.
As a result I ended up with the recommendation 590mm seat tube, 710mm effect. top tube, 71 deg steerer and 76 deg. seat tube. I think this is resulting from relatively short legs (901mm inseam), long arms (840mm) and 710mm torso.
--> Can such bike be ridden?
So far I was quite happy with short bikes ~ 590mm, long 140mm stem and the saddle in the backmost position.
--> Could the suggested geometry improve my pedalling efficiency and "arm comfort" by much?

Any help is welcome to define an approach :-)



  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 8,685
    edited October 2020
    Who measured you? Only that measuring yourself for stuff like arm, leg, torso length is not that easy to do accurately. Physios train to palpate bony points to measure human proportion so unless it's done by someone with experience it is going to be ballpark at best.

    Also a 71cm top tube? That can't be right so I'm assuming it includes something else but what ? It sounds longish if it includes stem but short if it includes bar reach too? Maybe I've misunderstood ?
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  • de_sistide_sisti Posts: 1,283
    edited October 2020
    I've ordered from xacd and have been happy with them. I would advise caution on the 71 cm (effective) top tube (unless you've got seriously long arms).

    Compare your other bikes and measure their top tube lengths; it should be +/- a few mm of them.

    If you received a frame with a 71cm (effective) top tub and found it to be incorrect, you will not be able to get a refund.

    So, once again, measure your other bikes and the top tube you require should be within their range.

    Alternatively, go to a bike shop that will measure you up.
  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,907
    I had visions of the Steve Bauer Paris-Roubaix bike with that length top tube but I also note the ridiculously steep seat tube angle that just cannot be right for anything deemed 'touring'.
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