Grand Prix 5000 32c actual size?

I’m running 25c GP4000s on the 15mm Mavic rims of my Enigma and want to go bigger. I bought some 28c Grand Prix 5000s and, at the same pressure, found that they were 0.6mm narrower and only 0.5mm higher! They were returned. Is there anyone out there running Continental Grand Prix 5000 in 32c on 15mm rims who can tell me what height (from rim edge) and width they come in at as my clearances are tight so I’d be keen on a steer before ordering any. Alternatively, if you have GP 4-Seasons in 28c or 32c on 15mm rims then I’d be likewise keen to hear. Thanks.
(For info ... GP4000 25c : 26.9w x 25h ; GP5000 28c : 26.3w x 25.5h)

Cheers, Phil
Phil, in Inverurie


  • banditvic
    banditvic Posts: 549
    Mine are coming in at just under 32mm on some Mason four seasons disc wheels.
    Pretty heavy at 380 grams but run very nice.
  • whyamihere
    whyamihere Posts: 7,706
    GP4000s were well known for running larger than the label said. GP5000s tend to be more accurate. 15mm rims are pretty narrow though nowadays, I'd expect the labelling of new GP5000s to be accurate when mounted on rims with an inner width around 17-19mm.
  • philbar72
    philbar72 Posts: 2,229
    wouldn't go above 25-26 on the 15 mm rims, they'll lightbulb. look at 17-23mm rims for 28-32 tyres i'd say...
  • This site has lots of data on specified vs measured tyre sizes