Alfine 8 Hub moving problem

Hello All,

I have had a Alfine 8 rear hub bike for about 2 years and I have noticed that more and more the hub is rotating so the cable guide arm rubs against the chain. I think this is due to the pedaling forces.
Tightening the external nuts really tight seems to slow this down but doesn't stop it happening.
I presume the lugs on the locating washers (coloured green and blue for me), are only there to provide a rough location when inserting the wheel, and it isn't them that is suppose to stop the hub rotating?
My bike is Arkose Alfine 8 if that helps!



  • Cargobike
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    Yes, the blue and green washers are designed to stop the hub rotating.

    There's only one way to insert them into your dropouts so that the protrusion will engage with the dropout correctly.

    I cover 10,000+ miles a year on my Alfine equipped cargobike and have never had any problems whatsoever with the hub rotating.

    Are you sure you are fitting the washers in the correct position to start with?

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