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Identifying destickered Giant SLR rims

I'm looking at buying a set of 2nd hand SLR 1 wheels that have no giant branded stickers on the rims. The hubs are SLR and wheel depth matches. I'm just wondering should I be cautious that the rims are another brand and if there is any way to tell



  • david37david37 Posts: 992
    I wouldnt be cautious, if they look right, they probably are. However, I would check lateral and horizontal true. i.e. theyre not out of shape after smashing through potholes.
    Check for obvious signs of damage, esp on the edge of the rim. If its the rear glance at the drive side spokes and see if the chains been in them. even if it has it should be fine. Squeeze the spokes together make sure they appear to be uniformly tight. walk away from a true wheel with obviously different spoke tension as you go round the wheel. dont be afraid of a wheel slightly out of true with a broken spoke.

    if there are no bulges or cracks in the rim, and the hubs feel smooth, jobs a good un.

    If hubs feel a bit gravely or theres play dont worry, you can replace the bearings easily enough and theyre likely to cost c 8£ each and a little bit of time. They are in any case, consumables. just knock some off the price.

  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,162
    Count the spokes, should be 16F radial and 21R dynamic balanced lacing.
  • Thanks all, that's a great help
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