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How to travel with a kids bike

So I'm in the early stages of planning a father daughter riding trip to Whistler next year🤞. Little one is 8 but can shred better than me🤣🤣, question is how to travel with her 20" riprock? I'm experienced in bike bags and travel, I will use my evoc bag for mine but hers🤔 I'm at a loss. Any advice 🙏


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,229
    edited October 2020
    Sorry, I have no packing suggestion, other than using a robust cardboard bike box. after all the bikes travel from Taiwan in one of them, so they must have some utility. You can take extra care and pack it really well. Many of the bike magazines suggest this for adult bikes where the owner is not prepared to shell out for a bike bag/box. How about writing to one or more bike mags?

    Have you explored renting a suitable bike in advance for when you get there? It will probably be better suited to the conditions than the bike your daughter already has. (I haven't looked to see what a 20" riprock looks like).
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