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Biggest tires I can fit on 2021 Specialized Rockhopper

I am hoping to fit larger tires on this rockhopper. I was looking at these

I am new to the sport and looking for some guidance on what I can do to get some winter riding in this year.


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,432
    Neither of those links work for me. All I have to go on is the words in the links, so forgive me if I draw the wrong conclusions.

    I do not believe that the rockhopper is a fatbike, yet the second link is to a company called fatbikes. That, plus your topic title, implies you are going for wide tyres, really wide. Then I see the word "studded" in there. So big fat studded tyres? On a Rockhopper?

    Firstly, studded tyres are not necessary for winter riding unless you plan on riding on ice. They are awful on rock and any paved or hard surface. Don't ever go over the rear wheel and buzz your censored or you will regret it. I discovered that ordinary mud tyres are brilliant in snow as well as mud. It may be a function of living in England, but I have never found the need to use ice-tyres (ie with metal studs called spikes).

    As for the max tyre width, here is a link to the WTB page on matching tyre widths to your internal rim width. Page down to the second chart "Mountain"

    But although your wheel rim may support a wider tyre, your frame may not. Normally there is little problem with the front tyre, just check the clearance with the fork bridge. The rear tyre however can be a problem. Even if the rubber will just miss the seat & chain stays, and the seat stay bridge, you need to allow for two more things:
    1) The frame and the wheel will flex during riding and the tyre may come into contact with the frame. Add in a load of mud and you will have an abrasive wheel rubbing against the frame. It will not take long to wear through the frame.
    2) The tyre tread will carry stones with it and they may ping against any seat or chain stay bridges, and maybe the stays themselves too. They can do some serious damage.

    If you can, protect the various possible contact points with helicopter tape or frame patches.
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