Bottom brackets and crank sets

I've currently got a set of Verve InfoCranks on my bike and I'm looking to get a new bike. But I'd like to put the power meters on it. The only thing I'm not sure about is how this would work. My current bike has a BB86 and the new one BBR60. What would it entail for me to swap the crank set? I put the Verves on the current bike by replacing the Shimano 105 that was on there. But I know absolutely nothing about different bottom brackets and what it all means.


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    BBR60 is just the Shimano model number for their BSA threaded bottom bracket, not a type of bottom bracket.

    Given that your cranks fitted in a BB86 bike they should also fit in the new one as they both accept a 24mm spindle and the spacing is the same.
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    If your bike came with Shimano 105 Hollowtech II cranks and BB86 Shimano pressfit bottom bracket SM-BB71-42, I assume your Verve cranks were a straight swop, so must have a 24mm dia axle. The SM-BBR60 is the Ultegra level threaded version of shimano's Hollowtech II bottom bracket, so your Verve cranks should fit the new bike.
  • I had to actually change the bearings when I got the Infocranks. They didn’t just fit through the press fit one already in place. They provided me with new bearings that I installed. I can’t find the details anywhere though and I think they have now moved to a 24mm spindle. Might have to take them off and measure!
  • So I think the one I've got is 30mm spindle diameter.
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    If I understand correctly, you removed the O.E. Shimano pressfit BB and 105 crankset and fitted the new supplied BB to fit the Verve 30mm dia axle, crankset. So if the new bike has a threaded BSA BB and SM-BBR60, which is for a 24mm dia axle, your Verve crankset will not fit. You will need a threaded BSA BB that accepts a 30mm dia spindle. Some information below, it may or may not be applicable to your application.

    "Which brings us to today’s questions, “How do I get a BB30 crank in BSA bottom bracket?”

    Maybe you already own a BB30 crankset, or perhaps bought the wrong one, whatever the reason, it’s a valid question. A major source of confusion lies in the name itself – all BB30 cranksets have 30mm spindles, but not all 30mm spindle cranksets are BB30. BB30 specifically refers to a standard that used 68 or 73mm shells with a 42mm inner diameter meant to press 6806 bearings directly into the frame which had a 30mm internal diameter.

    Before the introduction of BSA30, there really wasn’t an answer to this question. As you may recall, BSA refers to the Birmingham Small Arms company which established the threading standard for threaded bottom brackets – 1.370/1.375″ x 24 TPI threads and a left hand thread on the drive side cup. These days, BSA, ISO, and English are used interchangeably to refer to what is now considered to be a standard threaded bottom bracket shell or bottom bracket.

    Most outboard bottom brackets for BSA threaded frames originally were designed around cranks with a 24mm spindle. But with the introduction of BSA30, companies introduced an outboard cup with a larger diameter bearing that would allow 30mm spindles to pass through the bottom bracket and the bottom bracket shell.

    But before you go buying a BSA30 bottom bracket, there’s still some compatibility to worry about. While both standard BSA threaded frames and BB30 frames have 68mm shells for road bikes, the external bearings of the BSA frame when used with an outboard bottom bracket would render a standard BB30 crankset’s spindle too short to use with a BSA30 bottom bracket.

    To complicate things further, there are oddballs like Cannondale’s BB30a, Specialized’s OSBB, and Cervelo’s BBRight that are all some variant on the BB30, but with different widths. Depending on where your crankset came from or what standard it was meant for, it could have a different spindle width.

    To get back to the original question, the first thing you need to do is identify which crankset you are working with and how long the spindle is (the part that connects the two crank arms through the middle of the bottom bracket).

    According to Wheels Manufacturing (who makes all kinds of bottom bracket adapters, bottom brackets, and accessories), in order to use their threaded to 30mm bottom bracket, you’ll need at least 104mm of spindle length. That’s measuring from the inside face of the crankarm (without any spacers) to the end of the spindle. Note that given the number of bottom brackets and frame tolerances, you’ll probably have to use a combination of spacers to ensure the proper fit. If your crank spindle is less than 104mm, well then you’re probably out of luck – unless your spindle can be replaced.

    Long story short, start by measuring the spindle. If it’s 104mm or longer (or has an easily replaceable spindle), buy yourself a BSA30 bottom bracket (don’t forget the special tool needed for the install!), and enjoy your 30mm spindle crankset on your BSA frame.
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    that was a long story.

    But he's mostly right. and here is the bit you'd need (assuming axle length is sufficient)

    You can buy these all over the place in the UK but Sigmasport are a very good mail order option