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GT iDrive XCR 5 - it's old, I know, but is it worth buying for my first bike?

Buying by first bike after being out a few times with a friend and using one of his. Price range is £500-£1000, but the closer to £500, the better. I've read and been told buying used for that price should get me something decent. Found this used GT for £500, and was just looking for a bit of advice on whether it's worth the outlay. I've read it's on the heavier side, but I'm not too concerned with that, more-so it's capabilities and whether or not 12 year old bikes are worth it or if I should try and find a newer model. If anyone even has a completely different recommendation, I'm open to ideas.


  • You should say more about exactly which "GT" it is. But it must have been a top spec bike for it to be worth £500 when it is 12 years old. And top spec comes with a lot of kit that is expensive to service/replace.

    What sort of riding do you want to do?

    This year, bike sales have gone mad and many shops have no stock at all. Even used bikes are in short supply and those that are left are either total carp or over-priced.

    But there is good news on the horizon. Stock of new bikes is about to hit the shops, and there will he no "deals" for a while. But as soon as the bad weather hits, people who bought a bike to get through lockdown in the hazy days of Summer will be selling their bikes. The market will be flooded and choice will be high and prices will be low.

    So if you want maximum bang for your buck, be patient.
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    My Buddy had a 12 year old Giant. I spent a year replacing old parts and keeping it running for him, what can I say, it was sentimental to him.

    Eventually it needed new cranks and BB, they were seized and could not get them off. Told him it was time for a new bike. Got him one and he's very happy now.

    He doesn't live in the best part of town so decided he was going to leave the old bike on the street for someone to steal, nobody took it! 😂

    If an old bike has sentimental value then yes it is the best bike in the world. Buying an old bike with inevitable future problems and old standards isn't worth it in my opinion.

    Steve has summed it up! 👍 Wait it out for a while and just see what £500-£1000 will get you second hand with Autumn in full swing and winter on the way!

  • If you're looking for a full suspension bike for around that money then you need to be looking at a calibre bossnut. It will be closer to the 1000 mark. Its a shame as with a go outdoors card you could pick them up for 1000 brand new and every review on them says for the money you wint buy better. Im no expert but buying an old bike can be a money pit. Im not against it as I just bought a 2014 giant trance 2 days ago but the guy was a bike mechanic and it just had everything replaced and it looks brand new. If you want a hardtail then obviously the components will be better for the same money but depends what you want to do. If you're just riding on the flat then lugging round extra rear suspension isn't worth it
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    Suspension part called flexbone breaks often
    impossible to replace at this time
    originally good bikes now Frame is worth its weight in beer cans
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