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Replace Chainring/Crank and Gear Cable Housing

Hello. I think my 34 teeth chain ring is worn. When I put load on the pedal or jump off a curb, something skips, like a chain skip a teeth or something. Do the same on the 50 teeth chain ring and nothing skips, or at least very little to no skip when jumping a curb. So the question is should I replace the rings with new ones or replace the entire crank? If I do replace the crank, shall I re-use the same bottom bracket or get a new one too?

The bike I was using is a Giant Defy 2016, came with Shimano 105 group set.

As with cable housing, I need new ones. The housing between the rear derailleur and the frame is damaged due to an accident and makes a kink putting friction on the cable. That causes a delay when shifting. So I like to ask which company makes the best cable housing? Is it Jagwire? My Defy came with Jagwire as default. Is there another company makes better and friction-free cable housing than Jagwire?



  • Just replace the worn chainrings. I always use bog standard Shimano cable outer. Be scrupulous when it comes to finishing the cut ends square and clean.
  • I can't find the chainrings to match my crank. My crankset is a shimano RS500. Google is just showing me the FC-RS800 and some FC-R 7000's. Not many RS 500's. I'm starting to worry that my crankset is outdated and no longer supported.

    I am able to find a 50 teeth ring on Tweek Cycle but can't find a 34 teeth. I don't want to buy 36 teeth. Finding a RS500 50 teeth ring isn't too hard. Finding a 34 teeth is much harder and a hassle.

    So I'm not sure what to do. Nor know whats the best plan of action. Should I replace the entire RS500 crank with today's crank? The FCRS800. Or could the FC chainrings fit onto the outdated RS500? Cheers.
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