2 new bikes

As you may or may not know my bizango carbon went to bike heaven so o got it replaced with a boardman mht 8.9 and must say what a great bike it is. I have also just purchased a much upgraded giant trance 1 27.5 2014 in mint condition(even has mint sauce graphics) and what a bike it is as well. And yes although it is old the spec and upgraded parts provide a great ride


  • Yeah I remember the rear wheel issue with the Bizango.

    Nice looking Giant, like the colour scheme. Not a fan of tan sidewall tyres personally but looks like a good bike collection to cover all the riding styles and go anywhere options between those two.

    Congrats Pal. 👏 Glad your story had a very happy ending. 😎👍
  • No I didnt want that bike for the reason of the tyres but its actually really nice and the picture dont do it justice. I get quite alot of comments on what a nice bike it is. Yeah got all angles covered
  • Yeah, tan sidewalls are on trend, just not my thing but I'm probably in the minority on that anyway.

    Always nice when someone comments on how nice your bike is, makes you love it more. Happy riding and enjoy your collection Buddy! 👌
  • Are they really? When I first see it online I said it looks like an olden day bike. But when I actually got it I liked it. The previous version had normal tyres and I did ask if that was an option. Yes thanks for comment. Im loving them
  • Lots of high end mountain bikes recently have tan sidewalls fitted. Wouldn't sway my decision in buying a bike with them or not as they're easy enough to change.

    Reminds me of old bikes too but probably a 'marmite' choice, some love 'em, some don't I suppose. 🤔
  • Couple of nice rides you have there +1 for not being a fan of tan sidewalls, however it wouldnt put me off buying a bike, i'd likely swap out the tyres anyway.
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    Yep, Tan sidewalls are also known as gum sidewalls. They are a very poor idea on a mud plugger. I think the reason for speccing them is because so few of them ever see proper off road action, looking the part is more marketing friendly.However that Boardman is a lot of bike for the money, it’s a great buy.